Zetteldeft basic commands

Backlink: §2020-02-15-1247 Welcome

To get started with Zetteldeft, lets take a look at some basic commands.

If you come from the ‘Welcome’ note (§2020-02-15-1247), you already know that you can follow links with C-c d f (or zetteldeft-follow-link). This function will open the link your point is at, or will prompt you for a link to follow via avy keys. Use C-c d F to open the link in a new window (see §2020-04-27-2348).

To directly open one of the notes in your Zettelkasten, hit C-c d o (or zetteldeft-find-file) and search among the titles. For convenience, you might want to designate a home note to open with a shortcut, see §2020-09-20-2106 for more information.

You can create a new note with C-c d n (or zetteldeft-new-file). Enter a title and you’re good to go.

Often though, you’ll want to branch out from an existing file: create a new note and link to it at once. Hit C-c d N to do exactly that (which is a keybinding for zetteldeft-new-file-and-link). Is your wish to include an additional backlink in your new note, branching out as it were, then use zetteldeft-new-file-and-backlink (with C-c d B).

To add a link to an existing note, hit C-c d i (or zetteldeft-find-file-id-insert) and select a note from the prompt. To include both the destination link and the note’s title, use C-c d I (for zetteldeft-find-file-full-title-insert).

That’s enough to get you started. Once you get the hang of it, take a look at §2020-04-27-2348 for more commands and keybindings.

If you prefer learning about IDs and links first, look at §2020-05-10-1552.